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Tortillas for chips

All of our products are Organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free and made with love!

Tortillas for Chips are specially formulated to be fried for tortilla chips.

They can be cut into halves, quarters, sixths or eighths.

Currently available in cantina-style and blue corn! 


Fresh Pack (Gastro)

- Easier to open -

- Easier to separate tortillas -

- Less packaging​ -

Diameter: 14cm

Weight: 2kg

Shelf life: 30 Days (refrigerated)

TORTILLAS 1 KG _ 2.png

 Vacuum Packed


Pre Cut Pack

 - Longer shelf life -


Diameter: 14cm

Weight: 1kg

Shelf life: 45 Days (refrigerated)

- Ready to fry -

- Less packaging​ -

Cut: in 5, in 8

Weight: 1Kg, 6 Kg

Shelf life: 30 Days (refrigerated)

Please contact us for prices or if you have any questions!

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